1st September 2017

Shop and Spend Data

Global Blue, leaders in tax refund shopping services share their latest West End insights data with the JSA, comparing average transactions, spend and visitors in July 2017 with July 2016.

July Summary:

–      23% YoY growth for the month of July 2017 versus PY, with the highest share of 33% coming from China
–      Highest average spend from China at £865 per single transaction

–      United States has achieved strongly with a 6% share and 10% YoY growth

–      India has continued another strong month with 43% growth YoY for the month of July

–      Sift recovery from the ME nationalities in July as they return to growth, although the gulf share has declined with a lower average spend

To view the Index for July data, click below.

West End Jul 2017 vs. Jun 2017 & Jul 2016

Monthly Index Report – July 17

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